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Graphics Designers' Basic Job Descriptions

Basically, the role of each graphic and web designer is to facilitate a productive and creative flow of communication. The conveyance process can be one-way, when the company conveys an important message to target audience, and two-way, when the graphic and web designer is commissioned to facilitate a flow of communication when the target audience is given the ability and means to react or provide feedback regarding the conveyed message.

The graphic and web designer is usually hired by companies to get involved in the planning, analyzing and of course, designing of a visual communication strategy. That way, the graphic and web designer is left to strategize on how the important message can be conveyed using media like print, motion picture and of course, the popular electronic or online portals. The methodology of having the message sent across could be in the form of animation, photography, illustrations, text content and many more.

In the modern corporate scene, the basic roles of graphic and web designers are as follows:

- Layouting print materials like newspapers, corporate brochures, magazines, reports and journals. Graphic and web designers are also commissioned to design visually appealing presentations. Other materials designed and produced by these professionals are marketing brochures, promotional displays and logos and packaging of services and products.

- Film graphic designers are responsible for producing the credits seen at the beginning and at the end of motion pictures, television shows or any video presentation.

- Graphic and web designers are employed to enliven content. Illustrations in books and other printed and published materials are principally outputs of these experts.

- The computer and creative graphics in television shows and videos, like video captions and weather forecast maps and illustrations, are domains of graphic designers.

- Design and layout of Web pages across the online media are responsibilities of graphic and web designers. Thus, these materials are almost always visually appealing. Studies have shown that overall perception and reception of online users are influenced by how Web pages appear. Visually appealing ones are almost always well patronized and often visited by guests.

Thus, it can easily be inferred that there is a wide array of opportunities posed to the modern graphic and web designers. There are too many avenues for creativity and productivity that could be taken by such highly competent professionals.

However, the graphic and web designer is also expected to develop an inner talent in knowing what the target audience would prefer and choose. Creative outputs would render futile if they are not properly and appropriately targeted to intended audience. And so like most communicators, graphic and web designers must get a grip of what would appeal and catch attention of prospective clients.

When designing and developing products and services for clients, graphic and web designers principally take into consideration the cognitive, social, physical and cultural factors. Coordination must be established between them and their paying clients do that intended results and goals could be definitely set. When needed, graphic and web designers must also know how to conduct basic researches to make the proposed outputs even more effective.

Graphic and web designers must know the audience, first and foremost. As much as possible basic demographics and characteristics of the target audience must be put into consideration so that final outputs would surely be effective. Failure to establish that knowledge would almost always put the efforts to futility. Ideas not properly and effectively communicated would be put to waste, equating to higher non-productive expenses for the client companies.

As a graphics producer, designers are logically and naturally expected to integrate different elements like artwork, photography, colors, animation, graphs or charts and even sounds into their outputs. And they should do this integration in a fashion that would obviously and naturally be recognized and appreciated by intended audience.

Moreover, graphic and web designers and copywriters are estranged bed partners because they must always work with one another to complement each other. Both would be able to produce and develop their best products through collaboration and coordination.

On top of all these, graphic and web designers are expected to be knowledgeable in every important software needed to make their outputs more appealing, visually stimulating and effective. It is part of their human capital and investment to get accustomed and exposed to such necessities so that their natural talents and creativity would be further enhanced. However, it is still very basic that graphic and web designers know the general and very conventional knowledge and skills of using the old or traditional methods of producing creative outputs.

Becoming a Graphic and Web Designer: Qualifications

For every profession, of course, there are qualifications that are set to determine and justify a person's competence to do the required tasks. Most companies hiring graphic and web designers want to tap applicants who are very knowledgeable and are highly reliable on all the technical aspects pertinent to the graphics-designing job.

Most companies require graphics designers to own a Bachelor's degree to make sure they would be fit and competent to deliver what are required by the job. If not a Bachelor's degree, the graphics designers are required to have at least an Associate degree.

The basic college degree especially designed to provide basic training and knowledge for graphics designers is Bachelor's of Fine Arts. Such degree programs are currently being offered at major universities and colleges around the world. There are public as well as private academic institutions that are offering such degree programs.

Included courses in the degree programs are design principles, studio art, computer designing, printing techniques, commercial graphics and Web site designing. Like most Bachelor's degrees, Fine Arts usually are accompanied by general electives like psychology, liberal arts, writing, art history, cultural studies, sociology, marketing and foreign languages. All these courses are proven to be helpful in broadening the perspective of graphic and web designers so that they would be more knowledgeable about other pertinent subjects that can be potentially useful in designs.

Associate degrees and basic certificates for graphics designing are providing trainees and students with the just the basics in the tasks. Usually, such programs are taken within two to three years. many design schools and centers are operating at major cities all over the world to help produce and supply designers to the ever growing industries.

Such minor degrees and diplomas are normally tackling just the basic and technical aspects of graphic designing. Many graphic designers are holding these degrees because they are more time efficient and are less costly to acquire. Plus, many companies recognize the effectiveness and reliability of the knowledge and skills rendered by such designers.

If you are already a degree holder in another discipline, it is still not too late for you. You could easily pursue a budding career in graphics designing by taking additional subjects or courses that are basic to the practice. You must attain the basic knowledge and skills to do the tasks required by clients.

Aside from these degrees, graphic and web designers are expected to be highly proficient in using the modern and sophisticated computer tools for layouting and graphic designing. Employers always assume that graphic and web designers are experts in computer graphics designing, on top of skills on conventional graphics designing.

Because computers are regularly updating and there are numerous software for graphics designing, graphic and web designers need to be constantly updated about the latest technology in computer aids. Such professionals must always be adept with the latest software packages that should be used in making the outputs better and more effective.

On top of all those skills and expertise, the graphic and web designers first and foremost, must have inborn and genuine creativity. They must be artful and must be experts in producing art pieces no matter what media and tools are used. Creativity is an inborn talent and is developed over time or since birth. Therefore, not all willing to be graphic and web designers would be effective in pursuing such careers. Creativity for some is a God-given talent; some will be oozing with it while others simply are not blessed with them.

After all the above qualifications are met, the graphic and web designers would again be subjected to a period of training by their respective companies so that these professionals would be oriented and made more adept at the basics and demands of the profession. On the job trainings also make graphic and web designers attuned with the requirements and the consistent style maintained by companies. You see, firms have trademark designs and design characteristics that are almost always made unique to them.

Moreover, basic interest and passion would be a key to success. As always, sheer talent and skills would not be enough if the professional would not have enough determination and motivation to make things work as intended. Proper attitude and working ethics are also needed as those features would help make the graphic and web designer be totally effective and reliable.

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